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When you place your order with, you agree to the following terms:
Our Promise of Quality

We understand that purchasing cactus and plants online limits your ability to see the product before checkout (unlike shopping at local Nursery). We offer you the best guarantee that any cactus or plant we are shipping is of the finest quality and horticulturally viable. If you are not satisfied due to any valid reason, we may provide you with a one-time replacement within 7 days of purchase if necessary. Shipping cost of the replacement plant is at the customer’s expense.

As with all living plants, cactus and succulents require care and proper nutrients to acclimate to their new environments. Time and your patience are also essential needs for plants to successfully transition to their new surroundings. Killing plants due to neglecting, poor watering schedules, or not following care instructions are not subject to any claim. The customer is responsible for keeping the plant in its suitable environment which is informed to the customer at the time of purchasing or after order is shipped.

Damaged During Shipment uses proper packaging materials available to ensure your cactus or plants arrives safe and healthy. It is extremely rare that packages are broken or damaged in transit. If your order is damaged during shipping such as a broken ceramic pot, we need to be contacted within 48 hours of you receiving the damaged package. We will do our best to correct the issue. Broken branches are cosmetic and should be pruned; wilted leaves are a result of long-distance travel and will recover after water and rest. If cactus or plants are shipped with soil, plants coming out of soil are not valid claims. You may simply repot them and since they are hardy they will survive.

In order to make a claim, we will need a picture or video to support your claim. We ask that you take at least 1 picture of the damaged box on the outside and at least 2 pictures of the damaged plant/pot on the inside and then share with us for an assessment of the damage.

Cancelling an Order

Any order placed with may be cancelled prior to shipping from our warehouse. Once the order is shipped, it cannot be cancelled.


Since plants are perishable, we do not accept returns under any condition. All sales are final.

Dormant or Dead?

During the late fall through the early spring months, plants such as adeniums, deciduous trees/shrubs (most fruit, flowering, and shade) will drop their leaves and go dormant, making them appear as though it is a “stick in a pot.” These plants are entirely healthy and are completing a vital part in their growth cycle but may exhibit browning leaves, sparse leaves, or no leaves at all. Planting during dormancy puts less stress on the plant and allows the plant to focus on root growth, giving it a head start in the spring. If you receive a plant during this time and would like to ensure the plant is in fact dormant, simply perform a scratch test on the tree. To perform a scratch test use your thumbnail or a knife and gently scrape a small part of the outer gray-brown bark from a twig or branch. Directly inside the outer bark on healthy trees/shrubs you’ll find a nice green layer, called the cambium. If you continue scratching away the thin green layer, you’ll see the whitish inner wood. The presence of the green layer indicates life in the plant. will not accept any claims of death loss until the plant is given adequate time to come out of dormancy.

Condition of Sale

After you submit your order and the checkout process is completed, your order is taken from inventory and handed over to courier company. This includes cash on delivery and prepaid orders. Customer agrees that their order will be delivered without requiring a signature.

Wrong Item

We are very careful to properly and correctly dispatch all orders. If we have sent the incorrect product, please notify us immediately and we will send the correct product at our expense. Proper proof will be required to initiate a reshipment.

Plant Information

Plants change in appearance every few weeks as well as seasonally. We do our best to update the product pictures as often as we can, but please note the pictures may not be representative of what you are receiving. Minimum heights are posted with each pot size and if the product you receive is smaller than that stated please contact us immediately.


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